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OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM US ARMY: Abrams, Bradley and Stryker--by Andy Renshaw and Ryan Harden

Then SAM Publications had been running the Modelers Data File series for some time, and thought a similar series covering armor subjects would be a great idea.  It was.  Still is.  However lack of marketing caused sales to be slow at the start, so the series was canceled while I was working on the second one (which was promising to be even better than the first).  I always sold out of copies at shows, and had a running list of those waiting for the next volume.  (If any publisher would like to pick up on the concept, contact me...I have a head start on one covering Desert Storm). 


This book was a speed project-- 3 months-- from start to finish, including building two of the three builds, and doing the writing, photo hunting, etc.  Most of the photos are DOD, but there is some good walkarounds from private sources.  Models including a M3A2 Bradley, Striker covered in slat armor, and an M1A2 TUSK Abrams.  Each build was aftermarket and conversion intensive, but now except the Strkyer have been replaced by full kits.  Still a great resource for step-by-step modeling if you can find a copy!

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 The Douglas A-1 Skyraider -- by Andy Renshaw and Andy Evans

From development concepts through the decades of use in war and peace by the United States Navy, Air Force, and other nations, this volume covers it all.  Informative text plus archival and previously unpublished photos from private sources gives you the full picture of this outstanding aircraft that was birthed from a outdated requirement.  However the designers philosophy of simplicity and function allowed it to survive postwar cuts and adapt into the jet age.  Plenty of color profiles, walk rounds, and several modeling articles rounds out the volume. 

I worked on this over the span of several years, and the confines of print and time kept it me from including everything I wanted.  It also came with some heartbreak, as we lost several veterans during the course of its production, including the late CDR John Donis, USN(ret), who wrote the foreword.  Many thanks to Byron "Hook" Hukee, a former USAF fighter pilot with numerous A-1 missions in Vietnam,  of the A-1 Skyraider Association for his support and valuable resources.  Along with his website and blog, he also has a book out covering the USAF and VNAF Skyraider units available from Osprey. 


Here are a few online reviews of the book:  IPMS USA and Detail and Scale

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The Vought A-7 Corsair by Andy Evans with Andy Renshaw


Following the same format as the rest of the Modelers Data File series, this is one I had only a small part in providing photos, caption edits, and the like.  Still a great volume and as of me writing this, getting close to sold out. 


Many thanks to Detail and Scale for a nice review.


airkraft Modeling Guide: Vietnam War


This was the brainchild of the Hobbyzone Editor Andy Evans, Hataka paints, and Jezz Coleman.  Its a really nice comprehensive modeling guide covering several scales, lots of aircraft, and has works from some world class scale modelers.  The pricepoint makes it a very affordable volume even for the budget minded.  I have several builds in here, including an F-8E, F-4B, and F-104.   


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