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One neat model: 1/32 Ta152!

I was browsing some forums and ran across a link to a company called "Zoukei-mura" out of Japan.  They have some very interesting models, limited release, but very highly detailed.  The one that caught my eye was the 1/32 Ta152.  Not only do these come with some outstanding detail, but build like a real aircraft!  Interesting concept!  I would be interested in building one of these...

Check out the photos.  More at Zoukei-mura's Website  They also have a 1/32 Shinden (which you can buy optional jet engine parts for too)



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Andy Renshaw

F4U Corsair book from SAM Publications

F4U Corsair

New Aviation Datafile from SAM Publications

The Vought F4U Corsair remains one of the most distinctive and popular aircraft of World War II, and its unique inverted gull wing design combined with the colorful characters of some of the aces who gained fame flying it in combat has added to its mystique. In addition, the Corsair was used effectively not only by the United States Navy and Marines, but also saw distinguished service in the Fleet Air Arm in Great Britain and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Thus the Corsair has a multi-national appeal making it an enigmatic subject and therefore a vital addition to the Datafile series. Authors Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hedgus bring the story of the Corsair vividly to life, with copious photographic illustrations, colour side profiles and scale plans. This is a must have book for the aviation enthusiast and historian alike.

The book is priced at £19.99 plus p+p and for ordering details go to or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9781906959128 4053Chap4MDF182

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Andy Renshaw

Two Articles in December SMMI!

smmi_december2010Two articles in the December 2010 Scale Military Modeler International!  First is an feature covering my M51 model, which also made the cover!  This was built a number of years back and is the combination of parts from a couple of kits plus some scratchbuilt items to make an accurate Israeli 105mm gunned Sherman from the Six Day War in 1967.  Hard to believe these shermans, designed in World War Two, were modified and used by the Israeli Defence Force up thorugh the 1970s!

Second article covers my M151A1C  MUTT with a 106mm recoiless rifle, as seen in Veitnam.  This is a extensive rework of the Academy kit, adding a lot of extra detail and correcting the kit. 

SMMI is available at your local bookstore or hobbyshop, or you can order direct from SAM Publicaitons website at Check it out!

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