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The 1:24 Italeri Lancia Stratos continues

So I am continuing this at a very leisurely pace.  I have settled on the overall feel and look of the finished scene, pulling from images from the 1977 Rallye Monte Carlo.  More on that later, but the first challenge to deal with is adding some driver figures!  At first I thought I could just use some of the Tamiya figures however it was apparent that the bodies do not quite fit in the car the same way, and it was actually going to be more of a challenge to cut and reposition the parts.  So I am now at a place where I am forced to take my modeling skills to a whole new level.

As you can see, the only commercial parts used will be the heads, upper body, and most likely some hands.  The rest of the figures will be sculpted from scratch in order to best fit the positions and interior, which is actually quite cramped!  So far, a wire armature has been made to get the overall pose, and next will be the application of putty for the major body masses, then further refinement for the clothing.

Also what you see for the interior is basically all the kit provides!  There is going to have to be some work to block in the front wheel wells and some other details.   Stay tuned!

Genre Jump! 1:24 Italeri Lancia Stratos Rally Car


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