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Genre Jump! 1:24 Italeri Lancia Stratos Rally Car

Italeri 3654 1:24 Lancia Stratos boxSo after many years of building military and railroad subjects, I found myself looking over a surprise review item from Hobbico tossed in the usual subjects. Before me was a Italeri 1:24 Lancia Stratos.  I liked the lines, and the look of the car and a little research turned up that the design had quite a history.  Plus photos of the rugged, unforgiving world of Rally Car racing and a diorama idea started forming up.  The kit is very simple, based on the old Esci offering from many decades ago.  Never the less, it could be a fun diversion from my usual fare of super detailed builds plus give me a opportunity to try some new skills and techniques. 

 Overall the kit isnt bad, just old and shows how far scale models have come over the last several decades.  There is no engine, other than a "impression" cover plate that is under the rear hatch, which is ample if you keep the hatch closed.  Beneath that is all the space needed for the original motorization components! (no, they are not included this time).  I dove in with several evenings worth of body work, filling in many sink marks from the molding process and smoothing out the mold lines.  So lets slather on the putty!

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Andy Renshaw

USAF Sandy A-1H


In the midst of everything else I've been working on, progress has been made on the duo of AD skyraider models I am building for my upcoming book covering the AD Skyraider.   Lately I have been focusing most of my energy on the USAF "Sandy" A-1H model, pushing it to painting stage.  Here she is poised for a few glamour shots before the painting starts.  As of this writing, the lower surfaces are already light grey, and the tan will go on this weekend, followed by the two greens to complete the SEA (South East Asia) scheme. 

The model is the Tamyia kit, in 1/48 scale with a few additions to bring it up to USAF specs.  I used an Eduard PE instrument panel and added a Yankee extraction seat, along with a scratch-built rocket motor behind the pilots head rest.  The wheels are leftover KMC items from their old Monogram update set, but look really nice.  The weapons are a mix of kit items, KMC (now available via True Details), and some scratch-built AN M47 WP bombs. All the stores are pinned with brass rod so they can be removed, but also will stay attached on the finished model.  Sway braces were added to each pylon as a finishing touch. 

I'm really looking forward to getting this bird finished, as it is going to be one mean looking machine! 




IMG_0051 IMG_0052
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Andy Renshaw

Couple more 1:35 jeeps!


So the Jeep frenzy continues!  By now you may have seen the first part of my ongoing jeep series in Scale Military Modeler International, which started in January.  These two will be in the March and April issues, so enjoy the sneak peak!

The model to the left is modeled after a photo taken by the Signal Corps in Sidi Bou Zid after the battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, Feb 1943.  This first major battle of the Tunisia Campaign found the inexperienced US Forces battling against veteran German Afrika Korps under Rommel.  The photo caught the return of this jeep and crew after evading behind enemy lines for three days, ragged and the jeep quite covered in mud and dust from hard driving as well as camouflage attempts to aid in the crews escape.  The model is the Tamyia kit with additional details.  Most of the rolled tarps and such were made with Apoxie Sculpt.  Various acrylic paints were used, layered on, to replicate the mud. 

As for the jeep below, it is also based on a photo of a jeep that was converted, most likely from a "scrapped" or damaged one, into a depot "mule".  A pusher plate in the front and various boxes of parts along with an air compressor gave this jeep a second life doing work around the depot in England.  Only markings are those added by the local soldiers, providing a boost of moral with a ever present smiley face!





IMG_0065 IMG_0055
IMG_0064 IMG_0062
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