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Jeep scale modelFor over 25 years, capturing the historical significance behind the scale model is the passion that drives the level of detail and skill that carried out on each model I construct. I started History In Scale to share that passion, educate others, and celebrate our history.

I started building scale models when I was 8 years old when my father gave me 2 kits for Christmas, a Monogram A-7B and a Revel HH-3.  We built the first model together, and is still on display at a local high school.  After that I was turned loose and dove into the hobby.  Joining IPMS through the local club in High School my skills were furthered through the mentoring and encouragement of club members, and interaction with other modelers at contests and over the Internet.  That is an education that will never cease and continues today.  Now, even as a father of a beautiful daughter and the husband to my best friend, I still find time to build and even get to share elements of my hobby with them.  My wife has even started a small "stash" of her own kits and our daughter has started a love for miniature trains!

My philosophy in building scale models is achieving a balance between accuracy, realism, and the artistic creation of the miniature.  There is a large amount of research that goes behind any scale model, making sure every bolt is counted and each shape is correct.  We scale modelers also add to that and improve details, shapes, markings and such.  The artistic side meshes during that process while scaling the colors, adding equipment, dings and dents, dirt and mud, and arranging the composition on a diorama or the equipment within the vehicle striving for balance and visual interest.  The finished result is indeed an art form.

andy caitlynorinthopterI strive to create lasting relationships with my clients by involving them in every stage of the process. During each of our meetings and through correspondence, I gather as much information from you as possible pertaining to what you envision in the finished piece. All elements are important, such as the scale, colors and markings, amount of weathering, added details, conversion work, and the type of final display you desire.  I will keep you informed of progress in periodic updates that may include pictures.  Feedback is desired and encouraged!  If you like something please let me know so I may repeat it.  If you are not pleased with something, let me know and I will correct it.

My underlying passion for building scale models is the history behind the prototype, or the full size original.  Each jeep, aircraft, railcar, and scene in a diorama has a story of the men and women behind it.  They are the human element, and through a miniature, an event is captured and told visually to those who see it.  My objective in building a model replica is to capture elements of the people through the details and accuracy of the model, so that one seeing it believes they are seeing a small scale version of the real thing, and that stirs conversation about interesting facts, recollections, and memories, thus preserving our History in Scale.


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