Custom military scale miniatures 

I provide custom made scale miniatures, researched and constructed to a professional standard of quality, and personalized based on your specifications for the historical enthusiast, collector, and hobbyist.

When you are looking for a scale model of an aircraft that your father flew, a beloved jeep you drove, or your favorite train, I can build and detail it to exactly what you need with an artistic touch that makes your model a masterpiece that you will be proud to own and display.  I have experience in building aircraft, military vehicles, full dioramas, model railroad trains and structures, and figures in all scales.  

Each scale model is unique and finished by hand.  The models from History in Scale are not made on a factory assembly line, nor do I build in mass for online auctions.  Every model is finished individually, and each has finishing touches you will not find on a pre-finished, off the store shelf collectors item.  The finished miniatures I offer truly are works of art.

Part of what makes the scale model unique is the history it captures.  Among the pages of this website you will find stories and recollections of those who flew, drove, manned, and experienced life in a reality these models represent.  At History in Scale, I have a passion to not only finish an outstanding scale model, but to also tell the story behind it.

If you are a veteran, and have stories, recollections or original photos you would like to share, I want to hear from you!  Please contact me.

Please be sure to browse through the portfolio for a sampling of some completed models, as well as a few sneak peaks at some projects currently underway!  Then contact us so I can see how to best meet your needs!


Andy Renshaw

Phone: 352.514.4723
My Email:
PO Box 1146, Archer, FL 32618

Please contact me at the information above for a custom quote.

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