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2-70 M1-A1 Abrams ODS

IMG_0660Yes, I know...its been a month since an update.  Well I have been busy!  Here is a sneak peak of one of the latest projects, that not only is going to be featured in SMMI in the near future, including a cover, but is also one of the models that will be in the upcomming Armour Data #2 covering the US in Operation Desert Storm!  This particular model is special as I built it with infomation provided to me by several ODS 2-70 vets that went out of thier way to provide infomation, photos, and never hesitated to answer my constant barrage of questions.  Not the basic kind of questions either...but the "did you keep the lid on the 50cal ammo box when loaded?" or " what color was the rear of the 20mm boxes?"...yeah, the kind of questions only a scale modeler would ask!  So, here it is... Dragons M1A1 AIM kit backdated to a standard M1A1 as used by the 2-70. Still have more to do, but this is how its going to look in the SMMI article.  Many thanks to all of those who assisted me with the project!  You can find more about the 2-70 on thier webpage.  Strike Swiftly!

IMG_0654 IMG_0664
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Eduard 1:32 Bf109 E-4 Finished!

Eduard_Bf109E-4_final9I wraped up this one over the weekend!  I really enjoyed this kit, and it was a pleasure to build.  Some weathering was added in the form of a few scratches from the "crew" along the wing and fuselage side, as well as some light dirt and mud spatters on the landing gear and underside of the wing.  These aircraft operated from grass and dirt landing strips in France during the Battle of Britian, thus the dirt.  Radio antenna is "EZ Line" which is a elastic thread like material that you can gently stretch and it will give a bit if hit.  A important thing as this model will be shipped to the client in PA in the comming weeks and I dont want that damaged!

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Sdkfz 234/4 and Kubelwagen in April SMMI!

In the upcomming April issue of Scale Military Modeller Magazine, I have two items in there!  First is the Sdkfz 234/4 armored car mounting a 75mm Pak 40, and then a "how to" in the monthly Airbrush Armour using salt to make a worn desert paint scheme on a 1/35 Kubelwagen.  Check it out within the 100 feature packed pages!!!

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