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Old Matilda Repaint finished

MatildaMkI_repaint_19Wraped up the painting on this over a month ago!  It will actully appear as an "airbrush armour" column in SMMI in the comming months.  But for now here is a preview.  Ill have a few more minor details to add before delivering to the client, but overall Im very pleased with how this came out!

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Old Matilda repaint

IMG_0961I was handed a box of old models a client had done, all in various states.  Many had sustained damage of one form or another, some missing parts, and others just need a bit of TLC.  His instructions were to "restore" them.  I decided to start with this old Taymia Matilda.  He built it using the kit markings, and what was probably accepted at the time for the colors in the famous "Caunter" scheme.  However newer research has shown the colors to be a Middlestone base, with a Silver Grey, and a Slate Grey.  From what Ive been told the Silver Grey would fade and bleach to a very pale bluish tint, but not as blue as we see on some museum pieces! So I dunked the model in "Super Clean" stripping off all the old paint, and reassembled the model.  For the new paint I ended up mixing the colors using various Model Master enamels, somewhat going with what "looked right".  I used Slate Grey and Radome Tan, both lightened with white, and for the Silver Grey I used a mix of German Afrika Grey Brown with some Duck Egg Blue and a few drops of another blue just to "blue" it up a little.  I think I got it looking pretty good! 

IMG_0901 IMG_0929
Original Condition Stripped bare for new paint!
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Awesome Figures from Bravo-6

35029-1Ive got a project brewing in the back of my mind, a USMC Nam era fire fight.  I discovered the talented sculpting of Vladimir Demchenko and his Bravo 6 figure line back when they first came out.  I had the pleasure of reviewing one of his first releases for Armorama and was impressed then.  Well shortly afterward he started doing a series of USMC figures during Tet in 1968.  I finally obtained a couple from the series from Military Miniatures Warehouse and they just arrived today.  All I can say is WOW!  I started with #35028 "Cover Me!" and #35029 "Machine Gun Team".  The poses are outstanding, and the facial expressions are just fantastic.  Each figure is unique on its own, both in face and uniform.  The "Cover Me" figure even has a bandaged leg and shows where his trousers were torn by the medic to care for the wound.  I can't wait to get started on these guys and hopefully I can do as good a job painting them as was done on the box art. (images courtesy of Bravo 6)

35028-1 35028-2
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