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Austrailian Matilda

A new project in the works, a Matilda tank from World War II again, but a little different than the previous version.  This time I will be doing a Austrailian Matilda, which was a later Mk III or Mk IV tank, and had some unusual features like the track gaurds, turret ring armor, stowage box and other details.  The conversion is from Firestorm Models out of Austrailia (where else?) and works perfectly with the new tooled Taymia kit.  I also have a crew for it, bush hats and all.  Paint will be pretty simple (dark green), but the weathering will be fun as I make it look well used in the jungles of the South Pacific!

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A few more 1:35 jeeps!


Well I'm back in the Jeep addiction again!  I'm not in a position to own the full size one (yet!), so I'm expending energy on making more of these 1:35 scale ones.  These are the first of many planned..  Both are based on the excellent Tamiya kit, with a few modifications.  The first represents a jeep during the D-Day landings, June 1944.  Note the white bumpers, shipping data on the passenger side, "left hand drive" warning on the tilt, and cammo netting.  The odd color star is a "gas paint" star.  The light green area would change color if under a chemical attack.  The tilt was covered in tea bag paper and came from Italieri's old kit.

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great new figures from Bravo 6!

Vladimir Demchenko, or otherwise known as the master sculptor behind the Bravo 6 line of figures, has sent news of a brand new release!  This ties in with their on going USMC in Vietnam theme.  Here we have two grunts working together to tempt a sniper into exposing himself.  I will no doubt be picking up these as I both poses are very useable for my Hue city firefight I am thinking of doing.  I need to get to work painting up the others I have so we can start work on these!
Thanks Vladi for such wonderfully sculpted figures! Truly works of art!

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