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Crazy paint- Hasegawa TA-4J continued

img_0810Work on the 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J continued over the last week.  After at least 12-15 hours of masking and 6 plus hours of painting with the airbrush, I completed the cammoflage.  I think I chose this for the challenge and for some practice before I tackle a VFA-122 F/A-18 in multi green cammo.  The hard part of this type of scheme is the markings (such as the "NAVY", intake warning, and Star-n-bar) are done in multi colors as well, so your paint work has to match up exactly where the decal needs to be placed.  Decals will start going on tonight, so we will see how well I did! 

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Which A-7E scheme to do? Please Vote!

Well I'm at a bit of a dilemma.  I have an Hasegawa A-7E reaching painting time and I can't decide which scheme to choose!  So, I figured I would let all of you decide! Check out the three I'm wavering between, and click on the poll below! The scheme that gets the most votes will win, and I'll post progress up here as it happens! 
Vote by clicking on the selection menu at the botom of the post, immediatly past the pictures.

For those who have veiwed, but not voted---as of Mon 2/21 , 1st and 2nd are only apart by TWO votes!  every vote counts!

Here is the three options:
images clipped from DOD photos, credit USN

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Entertrainment Junction

If you are up in the Cincinnati Ohio area, be sure that you stop by Entertrainment Junction!  Even if your not that much "into" trains, I guarantee you will fully enjoy the visit.  EJ holds a HUGE into model railroad, all in G scale!  And this isn't toys going around in circles...we are talking about a walk through time with some outstanding examples of fine craftsmanship, scenery, detailing, sounds, lights, and all sorts of stuff.  We went expecting to stay for about 2 hours...5 hours later we finally pulled ourselves out!

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